Celebrate Winter with Sovereign Hill’s Winter Wonderlights.

I have to confess, it was my first ever trip to Sovereign Hill. I have wanted to go for such a long time and truly, I loved it. The kids had a ball and one day isn’t enough. We are going back again soon.

The wonderlights are included in your entry so stay til dark. Then stay a little longer as the crowd dwindles and the streets are almost all yours.

Ten things not to miss:

  1. A guided mine tour. Book early on your arrival to avoid missing out. There is two minutes of complete (and I mean complete) darkness on these tours, travelling 20 meters underground on a tram. It is such an experience.
  2. The toffee apples. To die for. I had one in each hand at one point.
  3. The Irish coffee. Drink it at sunset while the children play in the amazing playground. Don’t share the cream top with the kids.
  4. The old fashioned photos. I have always wanted to do one with my daughter and they were fully booked. Book online before you go.
  5. The bakery or the New York Bakery. Splurge for lunch. It is worth it. The food is better than any museum/theme park I have been to. There are also baked potatoes.
  6. Get your take home lollies early to avoid the long queue in the evening. Watch the confectionary making and try them warm.
  7. Watch the demo for gold panning. We had no luck but others seemed to be striking plenty of gold. It was a good way to teach persistence, patience and ultimately resilience when they leave with their bitter disappointment.
  8. The self guided mine tour.
  9. The Wonderlights is separate to Aura, the sound and light show. The Wonderlights are free. Aura isn’t. I wish we had stayed for Aura.
  10. The crowd does thin out during the light show so hang around to let your children have a little more freedom to enjoy the sights and sounds without fear of losing them.

And finally, some hacks.

  1. A teeny advantage of this climate crisis we are having is that Ballarat is currently un-seasonally warm. Layer up as it does cool a lot in the evening. However, if your child is like mine they won’t even notice the cold.
  2. Teachers are free with your VIT card. Bring it and sign in with your work email address.
  3. Comfy, sturdy shoes. I cannot tell you how many children stacked it running around during the light show. Nothing bad, just comical.

And finally, have fun. It is like being a kid again.

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