About Me

The moment I set eyes on my baby girl was the moment I knew my life had been blessed beyond measure.

Those first few precious days are now just a blur, and all I have are mobile phone pictures that just do not do them justice.  How can you capture all that glorious newness with your mobile phone?

My desire to document our wonderful days together, to capture the emotion, the quiet minutes, the way things change so quickly, led to my obsession with the lens.

I have worked for many years with children of all ages.  I have watched so many children grow up.  This has made me appreciate even more profoundly the brevity of childhood, and its wondrous milestones.  I wish I could slow it down, but as I speak my child is growing wings and preparing for eventual take off.  In light of the fact that I cannot slow this life down, I have set out to hold some of it, within a lens, within a frame, so that I may return anytime I like to these wonderful days.

Over the past few years my lens naturally turned to capture the faces and moments of others.  I am forever thankful to all of those who allowed me into their homes and lives to practise my art.

I am a people person who is very comfortable and resourceful when working with children and their families.  I have a current working with children check.  And finally, as a mother myself, I appreciate the importance of choosing the right photographer to capture your life right now, in all its beauty and chaos.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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