Newborn Shoot

What to expect

Newborn shoots are best taken within the first ten to fourteen days in order to get those sleepy poses.  However, newborn shoots may include babies up until three months of age.

It is best to book your shoot in advance to avoid disappointment.  A tentative date will be secured based on your due date (usually within 10–14 days of your due date.)  Once your booking is confirmed please keep me informed as to any early scheduled arrival dates, or late comers.  Please make contact with me as soon as your newest family member arrives.

Your session will include use of all my newborn props, colours and styles selected by you.  Please have on hand a rug or blanket that is special to you, or best represents who you are and your style.

Sessions take place in the comfort of your own home.  Depending on your selected option, they may take between 1–3 hours.

Preparing for your newborn shoot

Our session will take place in the comfort of your own home.

A room with good natural lighting is ideal.  A large window is the best option.  Please be sure to create an uncluttered space in front of the window.

For family and sibling photos, and newborn lifestyle sessions, the nursery and other selected rooms in your home make ideal settings for natural, beautiful images.  Please consider creating access to areas of your home such as the nursery, living areas, garden, and main bedroom as appropriate.  If wishing to shoot in the main bedroom please use white, light or neutral linen.

It is very important to ensure your home is heated between 28–30 degrees for a successful newborn shoot.  Temperatures and sounds are designed to replicate the womb environment and ensure a relaxed and sleepy baby.  The key to a successful shoot is a very warm house.

Feed your baby well prior to the shoot.  Feed on demand and avoid scheduled feeding.  We will likely take a break for another feed during the shoot.  A full, contented baby is vital.

If you are planning for family and sibling photos, keep outfits simple and in neutral, complementary colours.  Avoid logos and characters as these will date your photos and draw attention away from your baby.

Our sessions will typically commence with lifestyle and family/sibling photos.  Please dress your baby ready for your family photos.  Please have on hand some favourite wraps and your selected rug or blanket.

Consider having a dummy on hand even if you don’t currently use one or plan to in the future.  A dummy can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful shoot.

And finally, I am a mother myself so please take the opportunity to relax and allow me to take the lead in settling your baby into poses.  This also applies for older siblings.  Children sense your stress and expectations.  If you relax they are likely to relax also.  I do have some tricks up my sleeve.  However, I will ask for help if I need it!

Please visit my Pinterest  for ideas on what to wear to a photo shoot.

Children and Family Shoots

What to expect

Sessions take place on location.  This can be in your own home, a place that is special to you, a local park or garden, or the beach at sunset.  I am more than happy to discuss possible locations with you, depending on the look you are after.

For outdoor shoots, the best time of day is “golden hour” which is the hour or two after sunrise or before sunset.  The timing of this, of course, changes with the season.  Spring, summer and autumn are wonderful times for sunset shoots.  Autumn is a great time for morning shoots.

Family sessions are memorable in themselves.  They are designed to capture your family and children enjoying themselves at this stage of your lives.  You will return to them many times over the years ahead.

Preparing for your family shoot

When choosing outfits it is best to keep in mind that your outfits should coordinate but not match.  Choose a colour scheme using colours that complement each other.  Plan well in advance and don’t leave choosing your outfits until the last minute.  Avoid logos and characters.  Also avoid bright pink or orange.

It is wise to have back up plans for toddlers and young children as they can be fussy and decide at the last minute not to go along with your plans.  Toddlers and young children like to feel like they have a say.  Providing them with an element of choice can help them feel more in control and this means everyone will be more relaxed and happy, which means better photos.

Allow your location to help inform your choices.  Also, texture can often add a great touch to your clothing choices (lace, detail, knit).  Please bring a favourite blanket or rug that shows who you are as a family, or best matches your style.

It is best to keep your outfits relatively simple to prevent your photos from dating too much.  Most importantly, keep your outfits comfortable.  When everyone is relaxed and comfortable, they will look relaxed and comfortable in their photoshoot.

You might also like to bring children’s dress up clothes for some playful and fun images.  We will leave these ones to last and use them to reward children for their cooperation.  Alternatively, you may like to choose a theme to match the seasons and we can have some fun with it (gumboots and umbrellas).

It may be wise to bring snacks as hungry children are not generally cooperative.  Please make sure snacks are not messy.

If planning for a photo shoot inside your home, ensure there are a few places cleared of clutter where there is good lighting (large windows).  Use neutral, light or white bedding in the main bedroom, and add a splash of colour with a one or two cushions and a throw rug.

And finally, I am a mother myself so please allow yourself to relax and enjoy your experience.  Allow me the opportunity to enlist your children’s cooperation.  Children sense your stress and expectations.  If you relax they are likely to relax also.  I do have some tricks up my sleeve.  However, I will ask for help if I need it!

Please visit my Pinterest  for ideas on what to wear to a photo shoot.

Maternity Shoot



What to expect

Maternity shoots may take place in your home or on location.  The possibilities are endless.  Please see “Children and Family Shoots” for further information about what to wear, timing and location.

It is best to plan clothing choices around the expectant mother.  The expectant mother should make her choices first and then the family outfits should be planned around these.  Mum may like to have a couple of wardrobe changes.  A shirt that can be easily opened to reveal her beautiful bump, and a dress that can be held and shaped around the baby bump are ideal clothing choices.

The best time for maternity shoots are around 30 weeks.

Please visit my Pinterest  for ideas on what to wear to a photo shoot

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