Melbourne Newborn Shoot


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Those first few weeks with a newborn are messy, chaotic, and awe inspiring. In the midst of all the changes you might be fooled into thinking this time will last forever, especially during those long sleep hungry nights. But it is the nature of the experience that before you know it you have stopped counting minutes, hours, days and weeks, and your baby is becoming a toddler, a pre-schooler, a kid and a teenager.

These are the days you will want to remember forever. Sleep deprived mornings but oh so alive and vivid, with the smell of a newborn in your messy bed. Life has changed.

Inviting a photographer into your home will mean that you will document those wonderful days. Your baby’s context. The arms that hold them. Their first home. The way the light fills your windows and rooms and bursts open your hearts. Gazing in wonder at this small new person.

Welcome home, baby.

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